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Joining the FEDE allows higher and professional education establishments to benefit from the reputation and support of the FEDE, an INGO – International Non-Governmental Organization – and supranational institute endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe.

The FEDE addresses the developments of the higher and professional education sector and provides assistance to member schools worldwide by:

  • Enabling them to join a structured network comprised of over 500 international establishments in order to promote educational cooperation initiatives, networking between member schools and enhance international gateways (student and/or professor mobility);
  • Promoting international visibility of training programs thanks to shared reference systems and diplomas;
  • Offering a set of tools to help develop every school, all over the world.

To this effect, the FEDE enables its member schools to:

Broaden their training programs

– By offering FEDE European diplomas that cover all degree stages: Foundation Degree, European Bachelor’s Degree, European Master’s Degree.

– By offering the highest international academic distinction: FEDE DBA diplomas (Doctorate of Business Administration). The FEDE supports its member schools and endows them with access to its doctoral school.

Confer international status to their training programs

– By offering European diplomas at 2 degree levels: European Bachelor’s Degree and European Master’s Degree, fully taught in the native language.

– By offering a dual degree program allowing students to combine a school diploma with a FEDE inter-cultural studies diploma (bachelor’s and master’s degrees level).

Accredit their programs

Enrich students’ learning experience

By offering numerous pedagogical resources to enrich students’ learning expériences.

– By providing member schools with research results and publications from its Research Institute, an international community counting over 1000 researchers, Ph.D. holders and doctoral students.

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Join the FEDE:

Step 1: Information

Contact the FEDE by email on: or using the form above to obtain information regarding the FEDE and its activities or to begin the admission process.

Step 2: Application

The applicant institute fills in the membership application form and returns it along with:

  • All of the documents required to process the membership application;
  • The supporting documents requested;
  • The membership application handling fee;
  • The admission fee. These fees will only be cashed upon final approval for admission declared by the sovereign body: the FEDE Committee.

The institution reads the detailed affiliation procedure and accepts all of the related provisions.

Step 3: Examination of the application

Once the completed file is received, the membership application is examined by the FEDE Office of the Chairwoman.

If the Office of the Chairwoman deems it necessary, it designates a FEDE representative, who is recognised for his/her expertise and impartiality, to visit the institute and present his/her opinion.

The Office of the Chairwoman adds the application of the applicant institute to the agenda and presents it to the elected members of the FEDE Committee.

The FEDE Committee deliberates on the admission of the applicant school and takes one of the following decisions: “favourable”, “opposed” or “requires further processing”. The FEDE Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

Step 4: Full membership

If the Committe issues a favourable decision

The Office of the Chairwoman then registers the newly admitted FEDE institution in the register of FEDE member schools.

The institution must pay the annual subscription fee for the year in progress.

Step 5: The school becomes a member of the FEDE

The newly admitted institution joins the network and benefits from the comprehensive set of FEDE tools and services.

Upon receipt of the final admission decision, and in compliance with the Statutes and Internal Regulations, the institution can:

  • Use the FEDE acronym and logo in its publications;
  • Present candidates for FEDE exams and certificates as well as offer the FEDE tools and services at the disposal of our member schools: European diplomas, international accreditations, DBAs, Dual Degrees, pedagogical resources, publications, etc.;
  • Participate in the activities of the Federation;
  • Benefit from the support of a European body endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe.