Dual Degrees


Currently, the FEDE offers 2  programmes that confer two degrees simultaneously: the FEDE Dual Degrees.

1 bachelor’s level dual degree :
  • FEDE Diploma in Intercultural relations.
1 master’s level dual degree:
  • FEDE Diploma in International Governance.

These diplomas certify a mastery of international geopolitics, a capacity to operate in a globalised world and a mastery of international professional codes (language, professional positioning, access to global labour markets).

The FEDE Dual Degrees were designed to endow a student with dual competency:
– Professional competency through the diploma delivered by the school;
– International competency through the diploma delivered by the FEDE.

The objective:
– To enrich CVs and to facilitate student employability at international level;
– To offer training that combines professional expertise with intercultural skills.

Why opt for a FEDE Dual Diploma?

1. The FEDE Dual Degrees are aligned with an approach based on academic excellence

They endow students with the keys to understanding the contemporary world, to better understand its globalisation, to better understand how it functions and to better analyse its organisation.

They allow students to explore the European and international issues of today and tomorrow: economic, social, societal, political, geopolitical and sociological issues.

The entire pedagogical content of FEDE Dual Degrees is conceived and designed by its Research Institute the FEDE’s think tank and publication laboratory comprised of a team of international teachers, researchers, professionals and experts.

The FEDE Research Institute ensures their:

  • Pedagogical relevance;
  • Academic excellence;
  • Professional orientation;
  • International exposure.

2. The FEDE Dual Degrees, a career launch pad

The FEDE Dual Degree enable the acquisition of double competency and therefore double expertise, which is highly sought after by companies:

  • Professional competency through the diploma delivered by the school;
  • European or international competency through the diploma delivered by the FEDE.

As a launch pad for international professional careers, the Dual Degrees of the FEDE enable students to distinguish themselves by becoming experts in their professional fields, and exposes them to economic, financial and managerial issues on an international scale.

3. The FEDE Dual Degrees as a gateway to the world and international careers

They enable a student to achieve dual recognition:

  • Recognition by the school (for the diploma delivered by the school) or by a state body;
  • International and European recognition through the FEDE, a supranational institution endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe.

Choosing a Dual Degree through the FEDE is therefore guaranteeing recognition by professionals, economic stakeholders and institutions, everywhere in the world!