Get professional with FEDE

Get professional with FEDE

When you choose a FEDE diploma, you are choosing career-based training that combines both theoretical learning and varied field experience working inside a company with access to its professional networks.

 Get career-based training with a FEDE diploma:
– Develop strong professional skills
The main objective of FEDE diplomas is to gain specific competences and skills.

Designed by, and for professionals, the pedagogical approach aims to provide students not only with theoretical knowledge but also with solid professional competences.

Receive high quality professional training
FEDE expert staff pass on their experience, share their expertise, and open their networks.

The expertise and experience of the professional staff, selected from the best, guarantee training courses that reflect reality, correspond to the market evolution, and exceed recruiters’ expectations.

– Think at international level
All FEDE diplomas include the same teaching module called « European Citizenship and Culture ».

FEDE students speak at least one European foreign language in addition to their mother tongue.

The ability to act in an international environment is key to the success of the FEDE programme.

–    Broaden your network with valuable interactions

Being professional means adopting specific codes and a business-like attitude valued by recruiters.

FEDE diplomas allow students to act as, and meet future professionals. They thus have the opportunity to get in touch with how things work in the real world.

–    Test your theoretical knowledge
Under the pedagogical approach, FEDE students carry out projects on the ground throughout their curriculum, supervised by professional staff. This is a great opportunity to refine their professional project and build their network.

Pedagogical exercises such as tutored projects, dissertations, role-playing and simulations are designed to connect the student with the reality of the world of work.

– Immerse yourself in the business world

FEDE diplomas gives better professional experience to students thanks to a system based on alternating between formal learning and hands-on training, such as internships and work-linked training contracts. This experience of the professional environment helps students to develop their theoretical knowledge and apply their acquired competencies, and creative and innovative skills.

Get professional with a FEDE diploma – gain expertise, stand out, and find… your career!