FEDE contributions


INGOs endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe meet regularly in Strasbourg (France) during the Conference of INGOs.

The works of this conference are organised into thematic committees. The FEDE is a member of 3 committees and is involved with two in particular: “Education and Culture” and “Human Rights”.

It offers its expertise and relies on the diverse resources of its 500 member schools, its pedagogical teams, researchers, international professionals and experts.

Claude Vivier Le Got, Chairwoman of the FEDE, is also the Chairwoman of the Education and Culture Committee since June 2017.

The Education and Culture Committee is keen on bolstering the fundamental values in terms of living together in Europe and echoes the approach initiated by the FEDE. The works are based on the following themes:

  • The teacher interacting with his/her environment: What is a teacher’s role in education in the 21st century? What support can be provided to teachers, school directors, elected officials, NGOs and policy makers in terms of education?
  • The appropriate use of digital media in educational practices: What is the impact of the digital environment on education in Europe, coexistence and intercultural dialogue?
  • Teaching history: What role does teaching play today, particularly in terms of building Europe?
  • Educating on intercultural dialogue – living together in Europe: Which are the intercultural education best practices?

The Human Rights Committee strives to defend and raise awareness of human rights. Its reflection is focused on issues pertaining to discrimination of vulnerable groups:

  • Discrimination in terms of access to and enjoyment of civil rights;
  • Discrimination in terms of access to and enjoyment of economic and social rights;
  • Discrimination in terms of access to and enjoyment of cultural rights.