European Bachelor’s in Banking: Business Clients

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The ultracompetitive banking sector is rapidly changing. In order to meet the needs of an increasingly well-informed and demanding clientèle, actors across the sector must adapt by extending the services and products they offer.

Business client advisors provide professional advice and guidance to business clients (e.g. freelance professionals, traders and craftspeople) on how to manage and develop their businesses.

The European Bachelor’s in Banking: Business Clients provides the knowledge and solid professional skills required by future experts in the field. Indeed, in order to  be successful, business client advisors must be able to promptly deploy a range of technical, interpersonal and commercial skills.

  • Business Client Advisor
  • Business Client Manager
  • Freelance Professionals Advisor
  • Develop and manage the portfolios of business clients
  • Provide optimal legal, fiscal and financial advice
  • Perform account opening and management operations
  • Offer guidance as a company grows and changes
  • Conduct an economic and financial analysis of a client’s situation and assess and monitor risks
  • Suggest treasury management products
  • Analyse a client’s profitability
  • Offer insurance products appropriate to a company’s needs
  • Process a business client’s personal banking operations
  1. Business Banking: Environment and General Context
  2. Financial Analysis, Insurance and Savings
  3. Client Relations