European Bachelor’s in Banking: Client Advisor

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The ultracompetitive banking sector is rapidly changing. In order to meet the needs of an increasingly well-informed and demanding clientele, actors across the sector must adapt by extending the services and products they offer.

Given the increasing digitalisation of services and increased client autonomy, particularly via online banking, the role of personal banking advisors is changing.

The European Bachelor’s in Banking: Client Advisor provides the knowledge and solid professional and interpersonal skills required by experts in the field. Client advisors must be flexible and adaptive, possessing both the practical and people know-how essential to successfully completing their assignments.

  • Branch Personal Banking Advisor
  • Remote Banking Client Advisor
  • Insurance Client Advisor
  • Banking Operations Technician
  • Personal Banking Client Manager
  • Junior Sales Advisor
  • Front-Desk Advisor
  • Front-Desk Officer
  • Telephone Advisor
  • Be familiar with banking, the banking environment and the specificities of the personal banking market
  • Understand the services offered by different banking and insurance actors
  • Develop communication and client interaction techniques
  • Develop and manage a client portfolio
  • Analyse a sales situation
  • Acquire the economic and legal skills needed to sell financial products
  • Advise clients on their existing and emerging everyday banking needs
  • Provide optimal advice on savings and financing while respecting the procedures and constraints of a given financial institution
  1. General Banking Context: Personal Banking Clients
  2. Commitments and Savings
  3. Client Relations and Insurance