European Bachelor’s in Banking: Client Advisor

  • Branch Personal Banking Advisor
  • Remote Banking Client Advisor
  • Insurance Client Advisor
  • Banking Operations Technician
  • Personal Banking Client Manager
  • Junior Sales Advisor
  • Front-Desk Advisor
  • Front-Desk Officer
  • Telephone Advisor
  • Be familiar with banking, the banking environment and the specificities of the personal banking market
  • Understand the services offered by different banking and insurance actors
  • Develop communication and client interaction techniques
  • Develop and manage a client portfolio
  • Analyse a sales situation
  • Acquire the economic and legal skills needed to sell financial products
  • Advise clients on their existing and emerging everyday banking needs
  • Provide optimal advice on savings and financing while respecting the procedures and constraints of a given financial institution
  1. General Banking Context: Personal Banking Clients
  2. Commitments and Savings
  3. Client Relations and Insurance