European Bachelor’s in Distribution Management

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The supermarket sector has undergone major transformations that are forcing its actors to adapt in response to the growing competition of pure play companies and keep up to date with changing consumer needs.

The boom in organic products, drive-thrus, fast delivery, locally located stores, increased connections between physical and online stores, self-service check-outs and checkout-free stores are all crucial developments that must be taken into account by distributors wishing to stand out from competitors and increase customer loyalty.

The European Bachelor’s in Distribution Management provides students with the  professional  knowledge and solid technical, operational and interpersonal skills needed to improve their response time, their sense of organisation and their adaptivity to change.

  • Aisle/Department Manager
  • Sector Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Regional Manager’s Assistant
  • Merchandising Assistant
  • Handle the administrative and financial aspects of shelf management
  • Contribute to a retailer’s communication plan
  • Help recruit team members
  • Negotiate sales objectives with managers and report on results
  • Conduct assignments autonomously
  • Guide and motivate teams under the supervision of a sector manager
  • Optimise the sale of shelf space, either for a supplier or to increase sales of certain products
  • Insure effective product marketing and display
  • Have a good knowledge of distribution and shelf management
  1. Marketing and Distribution
  2. Methodological Tools: Data Processing
  3. Management and Legislation