Bachelor européen

European Bachelor’s in Environmental Technology

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Environnement - ressources naturelles et Développement durable

Today’s organisations, in conducting their work, are increasingly aware of the need to take into account environmental concerns, evolving social behaviour and regulations encouraging the recruitment of trained professionals capable of providing advice and assistance on environmental issues.

Those working in the sector seek solutions to resolve various issues or else might focus on prevention and raising public awareness of environmental issues. The European Bachelor’s in Environmental Technology provides broad-ranging technical, practical and operational expertise.

  • Environmental Facilitator
  • Quality and Environment Facilitator
  • Nature Facilitator
  • Junior Consultant in a company or community
  • Technical Environmental Service Manager for a regional institution
  • Environmental Advisor
  • Environmental Manager
  • Understand water and energy resource management
  • Understand management of waste, emissions and noise
  • Analyse a situation from an environmental point of view
  • Propose solutions to prevent or improve a situation
  • Follow and monitor the implementation of hygiene, safety and environmental rules by teams and facilities in line with official regulations and standards;
  • Identify developments in risk prevention and monitor their implementation while ensuring protection and a reduction in the impacts and risks of industrial activity on people, property and the environment
  • Network effectively
  1. Environment: Overall Context
  2. energy, water, waste, emissions and noise management.
  3. Environmental Management, Agri-Environmental Measurements, Hygiene and Safety