Bachelor européen

European Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Filière d'éxcellence : Finance - Banking - Assurance

The holders of an EDHEF qualification will be able to undertake any problems of cash management and management control which businesses cannot always entrust to outside specialists with too narrow a skill set.

This qualification is available to students already possessing a level III qualification in accountancy and finance.

Accountant in charge of management control in a SME/SMI Assistant management controller Accountant in charge of cash management in a SME/SMI Assistant cash manager Assistant financial manager Accountant in charge of cash management for the account of a chartered accountant
  • Devising operations to put in place to monitor the financial activity of the business
  • Devising and maintaining checks and balances to put in place
  • Devising operations to put in place to maximise profitability of the cash management
  • How to analyse propositions issued by financial bodies, and choosing the option best suited to the company
Financial analysis / Financial environments (specialised module) / Law and taxation / In-depth technical accountancy (specialised module) / Financial and cash management (specialised module) / Management control (specialised module)