Bachelor européen

European Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: commerce - marketing - communication - médias

In a time of stiff competition, businesses must rethink their commercial approach, and they do this thanks to marketing.  These companies need specialised workers who have the know-how to put into action communication campaigns, direct marketing tools, market studies and all other key strategies needed for effective commercial action.

Head of Field Marketing Junior Product Manager Head of Client Marketing Assistant Market Manager Sales Manager Junior Market Manager Direct Marketing Consultant Head of Product Development Assistant Product Manager Marketing Project Manager Head of Customer Relations Head of Advertising
  • How to lead an field market study
  • Mastery of the implementation of a marketing plan, and how to analyse the results
  • Implementing a marketing strategy
  • Mastery of international marketing and the unique features of these markets
  • Mastery of a marketing project in a Business-to-Business environment through all of its phases
  • Mastery of the nuances and unique features of banking services and merchant banking
Field marketing / Marketing and the Internet / Strategic marketing / Analysis matrices / International marketing and the unique features of European, foreign and emerging markets / Inter-business marketing (B to B) / Service marketing – bank marketing