Bachelor européen

European Bachelor’s in Quality, Safety and Environment

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Management - stratégie et gestion des organisations et des ressources humaines

As part of a company’s development strategy, quality, safety and environment (QSE) specialists provide risk management expertise and help implement a company’s integrated management system. Careers in this domain are ever-evolving and closely associated with sustainable development.

QSE professionals may choose to specialise in a specific domain, such as industry or construction, or else to develop their careers in fields associated with quality control, such as professional training. QSE experts must be extremely rigorous and possess both excellent people and technical skills.

  • QSE Assistant
  • Deputy QSE Manager
  • QSE Facilitator
  • QSE Policy Officer
  • QSE Auditor
  • QSE Coordinator
  • QSE Inspector
  • Assist and advise a company director on QSE
  • Maintain good relations with European partners
  • Assess the QSE risks taken by a company and its partners
  • Put in place a prevention and ongoing improvement strategy
  • Implement appropriate QSE tools
  • Ensure that National and European regulations are respected
  • Raise awareness of QSE among staff and get them on board with QSE strategies
  • Apply for certifications
  • Audit the QSE performances of the company and its providers
  1. Knowledge of Businesses, Management and Tools for QSE Facilitators
  2. Quality and Safety Management
  3. Environment Management and Systems Integration