Bachelor européen

European Bachelor’s in Transport and Logistics

Educational level: BACHELOR EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Logistique - Transport - Qualité

Logistics chain management processes are changing as a result of the globalisation of flows and new environmental regulations.

In a context of intense competition, optimal logistics chain management is of great strategic importance for a company.

The European Bachelor’s in Transport and Logistics trains future professionals to optimise flows, anticipate and react to unforeseen events and work with the full range of supply chain tools and concepts.

In addition to the transport and distribution sectors, logistics professionals can find employment in the logistics services of large and medium-sized industry or services companies.

  • Logistics Operations and Transportation Manager
  • Containers Coordinator
  • Logistics Platform Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Line Agent
  • Shipping Agent/Freight Forwarder
  • Chartering Manager
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Pilot global logistics chain operations
  • Understand key supply chain concepts
  • Understand the legal, technical and commercial aspects of transportation
  • Work with multicultural teams at the European and global levels
  • Optimise delivery times and manage transport costs
  • Ensure the security of people and goods (products and merchandise)
  1. The European Economy, Transportation, and Flow Management
  2. Transport Law and International Regulations
  3. Logistics Management: Commercial Aspects