Mastère européen

European Master’s in Management and Business Strategy

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Management - stratégie et gestion des organisations et des ressources humaines

Management and business strategy can be applied in large- and medium-sized companies across sectors and in a variety of domains: human resources, marketing, B to B and international environment analysis.

Graduates of the European Master’s in Management and Business Strategy can also access strategic managerial posts within SMEs. During the programme, emphasis is placed on management and human resources, as well as on business strategy, allowing students either to specialise in a single domain or to develop more general  skills applicable to a range of posts.

At the end of the two-year course students apply and consolidate the skills they have acquired by analysing a business environment and issuing recommendations.

  • Manager
  • Commercial and Marketing Manager
  • Banking Service Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Consultant in a company or community
  • Market Research Officer
  • Communicate within a company
  • Develop external communications
  • Use commercial management tools
  • Implement business plans
  • Understand strategic decision techniques
  • Develop a company’s activity
  • Acquire multidisciplinary skills applicable to the company’s economic activities
  • Put in place internal organisational and monitoring tools
  • Design and implement marketing, sales and HR strategies
  • Analyse a company’s managerial environment
  • Implement functioning and monitoring models
  • Lead and manage international teams
  1. General Business Culture
  2. General and Human Resources Management;
  3. International Environment and Business Strategy