Mastère européen

European Master’s in Environmental and Energy Management

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Environnement - ressources naturelles et Développement durable

Issues surrounding the environment and energy are at the heart of current affairs and represent key strategic concerns for both organisations and governments. The concept of CSR – corporate social responsibility – plays an important role in encouraging organisations to pay attention to social, environmental and managerial issues as part of their commercial strategy.

The European Master’s in Environmental and Energy Management provides solid skills and knowledge concerning the regulations, technology and economic measures that can be used to nurture the growth of an organisation. Managers working in the energy and the environment sector are involved in diagnosis, consulting, the creation of energy management action plans, and the development of renewable energy. In all cases, their overall aim is to establish a policy of ongoing improvement.

  • Energy/Environment Manager
  • Energy/Environment Research Manager
  • Energy/Environment Auditor
  • Eco-Advisor for a Consular Chamber
  • Energy/Environment Consultant
  • Sustainable Development Manager
  • Energy Research Consultant
  • Have a good knowledge of environment and energy law and of the auditing tools needed to make an energy and environmental diagnosis
  • Design energy and environmental management strategies for a sustainable business; implement energy and environment plans as part of a broader programme
  • Implement energy management system processes and procedures and environmental management and conduct the studies needed to complete a business’s energy and environment programme
  • Train staff and lead teams
  • Communicate internally and externally and distribute action plan documentation
  • Evaluate programmes and measure performance
  1. Basic Tools
  2. Environmental and Energy Diagnoses
  3. Applying Basic Tools and Action Plans: Environment and Energy Solutions