FEDE Study day

Theme : Respect in the workplace

DATE: 19 November 2019

VENUE: Paris, Mairie du 9ème arrondissement

The aim of the FEDE’s full-day and half-day academic conferences? To show that humanist concerns and economic ambitions can – indeed must – coexist.

Having previously discussed religion in the workplace (2017) and 21st-century management (2018), the experts the FEDE has selected and invited for 2019 will be focusing on respect in the workplace.

What is respect – of oneself, of others, and of the world? What is a disrespectful act? Does disrespect have a cost for employers?

The researchers, academics and CEOs invited to the conference will be advancing the idea that respect in the workplace is not simply about promoting values; it also makes economic and managerial sense. As in previous years, the academic conference, scheduled for Tuesday 19 November 2019, will be held at the City Hall of Paris’s ninth arrondissement. It promises to be, as ever, an exciting and forward-looking event for both students and entrepreneurs.

You can register your institution and your students at colloque@fede.education or on the website Weezevent.

FEDE students who attend the conference will obtain three bonus marks in their European Culture and Citizenship test (A3 for bachelor’s students, A4/5 for master’s students).

Throwback on the 2018 edition : Management in the 21st Century: Faces for the Future

Generation Z has brought to the workplace a new set of social codes and professional aspirations that have forced businesses to rethink their approach to management.

How can we meet the demand of 15- to 20-year-olds for transparency and flexibility? How can we adapt to their appetite for new technology?

Managers are at the forefront of the rapid changes taking place, and their role is, consequently, also undergoing radical transformations.

Attended by Clarisse Angelier, General Delegate of France’s National Association of Research and Technology (ANRT), Antony Mahe, sociologist and Research Director at Eranos, a research and consulting firm, and Daniel Peyron, former Director of Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle, the conference on 6 November will provide an opportunity to debate future management challenges and explore  the skills needed to address them.

The conference will take place in the morning and will last three hours. There will be two roundtable discussions focussing on the following themes:

  • How is Generation Z influencing management styles?
  • What new management profiles might emerge?

Claude Vivier Le Got introduced the Academic Conference presenting the FEDE DNA

Emilie Coutant, Anthony Mahe (sociologists), Jean-Louis Bischoff (FEDE research director) & Dominique Carlac’h, 2018 conference sponsor, spoke in the 1rst table

A most listening room

People in the public took the opportunity to ask questions : here Farhang Ghassemi animated the debates.