FEDE Study day

Theme : Management in the 21st Century: Faces for the Future

DATE: 6 November 2018

VENUE: Paris, Mairie du 9ème arrondissement

Generation Z has brought to the workplace a new set of social codes and professional aspirations that have forced businesses to rethink their approach to management.

How can we meet the demand of 15- to 20-year-olds for transparency and flexibility? How can we adapt to their appetite for new technology?

Managers are at the forefront of the rapid changes taking place, and their role is, consequently, also undergoing radical transformations.

Attended by Clarisse Angelier, General Delegate of France’s National Association of Research and Technology (ANRT), Antony Mahe, sociologist and Research Director at Eranos, a research and consulting firm, and Daniel Peyron, former Director of Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle, the conference on 6 November will provide an opportunity to debate future management challenges and explore  the skills needed to address them.

The conference will take place in the morning and will last three hours. There will be two roundtable discussions focussing on the following themes:

  • How is Generation Z influencing management styles?
  • What new management profiles might emerge?

FEDE European Degree students: attendance at the conference gives you 3 ECTS credits, to be applied to the European Culture and Citizenship module.


Dominique Carlac’h is the sponsor of the 2018 FEDE Academic Conference.

Candidate for the presidency of France’s MEDEF in 2018, she is renowned for her entrepreneurial dynamism. She is currently President of France’s Association des Conseils en Innovation [innovation consulting association] and chairs the committee for sports and the committee for entrepreneurial dynamics at MEDEF.

A former professional 400-metres athlete and member of the French national team, Dominique Carlac’h is a graduate of Sciences Po Grenoble and HEC and founding President of D&Consultants, an innovation strategy and funding consultancy.

A sports lover, Dominique Carlac’h sponsors women’s football clubs in rural areas and campaigned in the business world in support of Paris’s 2024 Olympic Games bid.