The FEDE Research Institute


The FEDE Research Institute is the research laboratory of the Federation for Education in Europe / Fédération Européenne des Ecoles.  It brings together an international community of nearly 1000 doctors, experts in their fields, renowned by academics that come to convey their knowledge in FEDE schools and throughout the world

The FEDE Research Institute, dedicated to the science of education and the problematic of professionalization and new occupations, has as its objective, to become the most important research laboratory in Europe. It expects to show that thinking helps companies to innovate, to transform and to gain efficiency and effectiveness.

With its research and proximity to the world of business, The FEDE Research Institute brings a new look, to European managerial practices; a more global look on a worldwide scale:
– by opening an area of the questioning of managerial practices,
– by treating themes such as risk taking, confidence or more so, the contribution of younger generations,
– by giving merit to research addressing the impact of societal transformations on the management of organizations,
– and by exploring the questions that emerge in an innovative context of transition and transformation.

To invent new managerial practices, to think of tomorrow’s societies, and to build new economic models, is to be capable of understanding the problems of today relative to human resources, ongoing training and even to the sociological view of the science of education and management.

The FEDE Research Institute:

–    hosts a network of international doctors,
–    organizes study days and seminars
–    ensures company trainings
–    publishes articles and/or works
–    boosts the benchmark references for FEDE pedagogic programs

The FEDE Research Institute welcomes all doctorates of the Federation and coordinates all research work in the framework of the DBA FEDE (Doctorate of Business Administration).

The FEDE Research Institute allows researchers and doctorates of the Federation to evolve in a framework of excellence, to get to know the international benchmark references, to open up to the diversity of thought and cultures and finally to be known as an expert in their sector.

Firmly placed under the sign of research/ action, The FEDE Research Institute, a laboratory of ideas in the service of education, professionalization and employment is placed under the responsibility of Dr. Jean-louis Bischoff, HdR, trends specialist.

« My objective is to show that brainpower can and should constitute an indisputable added value for the companies of today and tomorrow »

Doctor of philosophy, HdR (authorized to supervise research), researcher at the Université d’Artois, Jean-Louis Bischoff is the author of a dozen works and for 25 years has put his knowledge into companies and his professional experience into research.

Some portraits of our teacher researchers

As an international  lawyer based in Paris, “Maitre”  Sara BYSTROM is a specialist in Literary and Artistic Property Rights Law, Photography and Photo Rights Law and finally, Internet and Innovation Law.

Living in Paris, but originally from Sweden, Sara BYSTROM holds a Masters degree in Literary, Artistic  and Intellectual property Rights Law from  the University of Nantes as well  as holding a Diploma in American Business Law from  the CNAM of Paris (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), and a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Law from  the University of Sceaux.

Fully committed to  passing on her knowledge to her students, she lectures alongside her professional  activity as a lawyer, as well  as being co-author of the work “Métiers d’art et Numérique” ( Artistic Trades and Digitalisation)

European by heart felt conviction, and because of her profession, she has been able to utilise her multilinguistic skills  to  develop her client base across the world. She is known as an  expert in the field of the strategy of artistic and cultural actions in international  law.