The results of the October 2019 session exams will be available on this page on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 from 2pm.

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What are the conditions for obtaining a diploma?

To obtain a diploma, it is mandatory to have passed all of the subjects and to have fulfilled the three following conditions:

  1. Have a general average equal to or higher than 10/20
    The average is calculated by taking into consideration the grades and coefficients of each subject. (UC).
  2. Have an average equal to or higher than 6/20 in Education Units (UE): 
    All grades obtained in the subjects (UC) must not necessarily be equal to or higher than 6/20.
    However, the average of each Education unit (UE) must be equal to or higher than 6/20.
    The UE are: Culture et Citoyenneté Européenne, Langues vivantes, Techniques Professionnelles, (and NTIC et Culture Entrepreneuriale for the DECP only).
  3. Not have obtained a grade of 0/20 on one of the European transfer credits.

When will we the transcripts of grades and diplomas be sent?

The transcripts of grades
The transcripts of grades will be sent on 6 August 2018:
– To your school
– Or directly to your address if you are an independent candidate

The diplomas
The diplomas will be sent on 24 September 2018:
– To your school
– Or directly to your address if you are an independent candidate.

What subject must I retake if the diploma is not validated?

Is it possible to retake one or more subjects of choice individually to validate the conditions to obtain a diploma?  Registration to retake a subject automatically cancels the previous grade.

Reminder: Certain subjects have been separated into two distinct examinations (for example: written part and oral part for the living language of level Bachelor’s degree, network part and development part for the case study DEESINF). For these subjects, it is possible to register to retake one part independently of the other.

All other grades may be conserved for a period of 5 years.   Before registering, it is also advised to consult the available calendars in the examination section on the internet site to verify if the examination is offered in the session of your choice.

How to register to retake one or more subjects?

There are two possibilities to register:

Go through a member school as an intermediary (if they accept).
The school has the possibility to register you using the same procedure as for your first examination.
In this case, you will be connected to the school if it is an examination center.

Registering as an independent candidate:
In this case, you will be connected to a relay center in function to availability.
You can download the registration form by clicking here

The file is to be returned before the 2 March 2018 (date as per postmark).

Can I pass on to the 2nd year Master with the grade obtained from the examinations from the 1st year?

The FEDE Master is a diploma which takes two years without intermediate steps « Master 1 » or « Level Bac +4 ».

The calculation of the different means of obtaining the diploma will be carried out when you have taken all the examinations.  It is not therefore, mandatory to retake the examinations at the end of the first year, but you may choose this option if you think that certain grades are disadvantageous to your final grade point average..

Is it possible to have more information or make an appeal about the examination results?