Theme: Respect in the company

Date: November 19, 2018

Time: 10am to 1pm

Location: Town Hall of the 9th arrondissement – Paris (France)

Show that humanist concerns and economic imperatives can and must coexist: this is the objective of all the study days and mornings designed and organized by the FEDE.

After having dealt with the religious fact in the company (2017) and management in the 21st century (2018), the experts identified and invited by the FEDE will reflect on respect in the company.

What is respect for oneself, others and the world? When can we start talking about disrespectful acts? Why claim that disrespect is a cost driver?

The idea that the question of respect in the company cannot be reduced to moral exercise, that it is closer to the economic and managerial spheres is the task that researchers, academics and business leaders invited by the FEDE will take on. As in previous years, the study day which will take place on Tuesday 19 November in the premises of the 9th arrondissement town hall is exciting and promising for students and entrepreneurs.

Journée des études le 19 Novembre 2019 à la Mairie du 9e au 6 rue Drouot 75009 Paris

Students attending the study day will receive three bonus points on the mark obtained in the European Culture and Citizenship tests (A3 for Bachelor students, A4/5 for Master students)

Invitation Tuesday November the 19th 2019.
Subject : the Respect in the compagny