Nicolas Piqué does not have a typical background. Meet this FEDE member who has transformed his institution (the Institut Rousseau) into a FEDE examination centre. 

What did you study?

My studies were quite unusual. I initially completed a university-level sandwich programme in climate engineering, whereas nowadays I manage several higher educational institutions.

Would have been the highlights of your career? What is your current job role?

I worked for several years at Quercy, a climate engineering firm. I moved up the ranks and was finally named Business Manager.

It was after 11 years in the same sector that I had the opportunity to switch career path: I joined the Écoles Billières group in 2011, taking up the post of Recruitment and Business Relations Manager.

Thanks to my experience in management, I was rapidly promoted: in 2013 I took up the post of General Director of the Écoles Billières group and the Institut Rousseau.

The Institut Rousseau, which is a FEDE member and examination centre, provides BTS training to over 300 students each year. We focus on the trade and services sectors: insurance, banking, publishing, solicitor training and real estate. Both sandwich and full-time courses are available.

We aim to continue to develop sandwich training but also to offer new bachelor’s-level courses such as the FEDE European Bachelor’s in Wealth Management, Insurance and Banking – a programme we’ve been offering for over 10 years now.

What was your experience of the FEDE’s General Assembly in Malaga?

The FEDE’s general assemblies are always extremely productive. They provide an opportunity for us to share our experience and swap ideas with other French and international institutions.


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