Foundation Degree

Foundation Degree

Level five of the European Qualifications Framework

A two-year market-oriented programme that:

– furnishes a range of professional skillsto jumpstart students’ careers;

– provides the basics of project implementationand follow-up;

– helps studentsbuild an initial network and gain a better understanding of different job roles through workplace experience;

– leaves students time to consider further study options.

ECTS credits earned: 120

19 Foundation Degrees in eight elite subject areas

Animation et Gestion de l’Environnement*

Audio Engineering Broadcasting*
Jeux Vidéo et Serious Games*
Organisateur Esport

Décorateur d’Intérieur*
Dessinateur Paysagiste*
Prépa Art et Spectacle*

Gestion de l’Entreprise Hippique*

*An accredited degree is an exclusive degree created for a given institution and covering a specific or niche subject area. Accredited degrees result in the awarding of the ECTS credits and meet European Higher Education Area standards.
Find out more: accreditation.