General Assembly

Why a General Assembly?

As a body of the FEDE, the General Assembly meets once a year to discuss the accounts and management of the previous financial year (Article 12 of the Statute).
The annual session of the General Assembly enables the organisation of workshops in addition to its primary legal purpose.

These workshops are a great opportunity for our members to exchange information and ideas on specific trends and issues related to higher education and professional training. It is also a time for networking and creating links between the FEDE schools, one of the main objectives of these workshops.

Presentation of the commissions

Former General Assemblies

2018 : Athens (Greece)
2017 : Lisbon (Portugal)
2016 : Paris (France)
2015 : Lausanne (Switzerland)
2014 : Valladolid (Spain)
2013 : Brussels (Belgium)
2012 : Berlin (Germany)
2011 : Marrakesh (Morocco)
2010 : Monaco
2009 : Bordeaux (France)
2008 : Florence (Italy)
2007 : Strasbourg (France)
2006 : Geneva (Switzerland)
2005 : Marne la Vallée (France)

FEDE has created 9 working Commissions, open and accessible to all the members, according to the commitments of the 2015-2019 programme presentend during the 2015 General Assembly in Lausanne.

The Executive Council, on 9 July 2015, unanimously decided to appoint a reference member for each commission created.

European and international mobility, fundraising and funding, scholarships.

Current members: Jean-Jacques POULAIN, Alain BOSS, Pierre BOUVIER

FEDE diplomas, examinations, certifications and labels, scientific research and publications council, recognition of diplomas.

Current members: Denis DUMONT, Rinaldo ROSSO, Jocelyne CHELIN, Aurel ARDELEAN, Stéphanie NUSS, Marie-José LOWE, Catherine OTHABURU

Relations with FEDE branches, with members, partners, strengthening multilingualism.

Current members: Alain BOSS, Salvador CINTADO PASTOR, Aurel ARDELEAN, Marie-José LOWE, Rinaldo ROSSO

Relations with the Ministries of Education and Vocational Training, Chambers and Trade Union and Employer Federations, Embassies and Consulates, Erasmus and Campus France, Council of Europe…

Current members: Patrick ROUX, Thierry ANDRIEUX, Rinaldo ROSSO

Website, Education fairs, corporate identity, FEDE trademark, advertising and public relations, social network…

Current members: Stéphanie NUSS, Thierry ANDRIEUX, Alain BOSS

Promoting individual initiatives, channeling the ideas of the members towards the commissions.

Current member: Jean-Luc COLLET

Non-EU FEDE member countries.

Current members: Salvador CINTADO PASTOR, Farrhang GHASSEMI

Bringing together former students.

Current members: Thierry ANDRIEUX, Jocelyne CHENIN

Current members: Farhang GHASSEMI, Rinaldo ROSSO