In order to raise the profile of the quality training provided at FEDE schools, the FEDE offers to accredit, after conducting an audit, the programme(s) of study of its member schools.

A token of distinction and prestige for the establishment, the accreditation serves to:

  • Legitimise the courses offered by FEDE schools with international economic stakeholders: companies, international organisations, European institutions;
  • Offer a programme audited by an independent supranational institution endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe, renowned by international stakeholders for its expertise and capacities;
  • Promote studies in niche sectors with strong territorial or innovation dimensions which can benefit from the international exposure.

Valid for 3 years, FEDE accreditation certifies:

  • The academic quality and excellence of the programmes offered at FEDE schools in line with the expectations of international economic stakeholders;
  • Consistent pedagogical innovation ensuring your students receive training to match the careers of today and tomorrow;
  • Professionally-oriented coursework in order for your programme(s) to serve as a springboard towards employment;
  • An education that is firmly geared towards international exposure.