European Master’s Degree

European Master's Degree

Level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework

A professional programme pursued after the Bachelor’s Degree (or another diploma leading to 180ECTS credits) to:

– Develop solid analytical and cognitive capacities

– Adopt a strategic approach at the heart of the business networks

– Manage a team, project or structure

– Gain substancial expertise in order to build a unique competitive edge

120 ECTS for the programme – Total ECTS after completing the programme: 300 

28 European Master's Degrees in 11 areas of Excellence

Human Resources Management
Management and Business Strategy
Management and Financial Strategy
Regional Project Manager
Sustainable Development and QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment)

Hospitality Management
Tourism: Management and Strategy

Communications (Advertising Strategy and Digital Communications Option)
Digital Communications
International Trade Management

Property Administration
International Private Banking
Participatory Finance

Design Engineering

Environmental and Energy Management
Operational Management for Sustainable Development

Connected Design Strategy
IT Project Manager
Strategy and Digital Design
Video Games and Serious Games

Art Direction and Supervision
Design Management
Interior Architecture: BIM Project Manager

Company Lawyer (Business Law Option)

Pharmaceutical Manager
Humanitarian Project Manager