Doctor in sociology, psychoanalyst, Frédéric Vincent has just published a book entitled “Geek theory”.  In this novel peopled with sexy coldplayers, frustrated gamers, and people who conceive existence as an online game, the author, a member of the FEDE’s panel of experts, delivers a real socio-psychoanalytical chronicle of the present time. Meeting with the author.

What is your background?

Doctor of Sociology from the University of Paris Descartes, I am a psychoanalyst and currently President of the Association of European psychoanalysts. I am also a researcher at the Centre d’études sur l’actuel et le contemporain (CEAQ).

What is the purpose of your research?

I work on contemporary heroism as it appears in movies and video games. Thus, from a socio-philosophical approach, I explore the myths that are found in films such as Harry Potter, Avatar, or Star Wars for example.

What do you intend to bring to the FEDE?

As a Master’s or DBA student, I could be very useful to students who want to work rigorously and precisely on the game world, on the different families that make up the geek universe, or on digital addiction.

Reference : Frédéric Vincent , Geek Theory, Champs-Elysées-Deauville, 2020


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