Stéphane Hugon

Stéphane Hugon, sociologist and business leader, has one objective: he wants to enable companies to better understand and take part in society.

Meeting with this new member of the Panel of Experts of the FEDE.

What is your background?

After a master’s degree in communication (University of Avignon), I decided, following a meeting with Professor Maffesoli, who is also a member of the Academic Council of the FEDE to do a postgraduate degree in sociology. This one ended with a thesis presentation at the University of Paris Descartes. The object of my research was the imaginary of the digital world.

What are the highlights of your current professional life?

Co-founder and director of Eranos, a company that studies and advises companies, I am also a teacher at the ENSCI (national school of industrial creation) and a visiting professor at the ECA (School of communication and the arts) of the University of S ão Paulo.  My work focuses on transformations in the social bond and uses of technical objects on the European and Asian markets.

What are your main current missions at Eranos?

Our team of about ten employees is mobilized on many post-Covid19 missions. Apart from these missions, we have two major projects: L’Oréal USA has commissioned us to carry out a study on women and trust and Kiabi has asked us to provide strategic support for her move (space design and social links, reflection on new sociability rites). L’Oréal USA’s request encourages us and pushes us to develop internationally. Consequently, we intend to strengthen our presence in the Asian and Brazilian markets.


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