‘Turning talent into expertise’ – that is the credo of ITIC in Paris. We met the institution’s Director of Education Marie-Thérèse Camus, who told us more about what makes her institution so special.

What did you study?

I’m what we call in France an ‘educational engineer’. In the mid-1980s I completed a master’s in computer science (Paris VI University). I then followed a nine-month course in education as I’d realised that a person needs training in order to teach well.

What have been the highlights of your career?

For about 10 years I headed IT consultancies; my partners and I had up to six employees. I then began working as a teacher at ITIC, where I later took on an educational management role. I’m currently ITIC’s Director of Education.

Can you tell us more about your current post?

I actually have a number of job roles at ITIC. First, I’m Director of Education, which means that I create teaching resources for the institution. That means a lot of meetings with our teachers, invited speakers and students. I also manage the human resources department. And I have to confess that my old love of computer science has caught up with me: I’m really interested in workplace digitalisation, which I follow with a keen eye.

What is special about your institution?

ITIC offers courses in five subject areas (marketing, communications, finance, IT and human resources) and from BTS (post-secondary) to master’s level. We are active both in terms of face-to-face teaching and e-learning. In short, we are an adventurous institution, adapting to the changing world in exciting ways.


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