Jean-Michel Quillardet (PhD in literature), a well-known lawyer and long-term member of the FEDE’s Academic Council, has just published his latest work at Editions Dervy. Pour un humanisme universel : Force, beauté et sagesse de la république laïque [Universal Humanism: the Strength, Beauty and Wisdom of the Secular Republic] is both profound and accessible, arguing that humanism is as relevant today as it ever was. For the author, 21st-century humanism means inscribing ourselves in a history and an intellectual heritage and, on the basis of these traditions, contributing to the development of a social project. In an increasingly dehumanised world in which mass crimes are committed before our very eyes, the humanist project – a form of optimism based on faith in humankind’s natural capacities – is as pressing as ever. 21st-century humanists are women and men who are committed to fighting every day for a fairer, more cohesive and more human society. Examining environmental concerns, social values, the limits of digital technology, universal access to education and the fight against a tendency to understand everything in economic terms, Jean-Michel Quillardet examines ways of building more harmonious societies. Get your copy quick!


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