François Schweitzer works in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), where he is in charge of luxury brand marketing in the Middle East. He has recently joined the FEDE’s Panel of Experts, bringing with him bags of global perspective.

What did you study?

From 1990 to 1993 I studied communications and culture within the EAC (Economics, Art and Culture) Group, which was managed at the time by Claude Vivier le Got, now Chairwoman of the Federation for EDucation in Europe. I was lucky to benefit from a brilliant, varied programme, during which I began to build a professional network thanks to my teachers and lecturers.

What have been the highlights of your career?

I joined the Chaloub Group nearly 20 years ago. I’ve worked here in the past as both Sales Manager and Sales and Stores Network Manager. I’m currently in charge of developing our Group’s activity in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Can you tell us more about the Group?

The Chaloub Group (12 000 employees) has a presence in 14 countries. For over 50 years now it has been distributing luxury products and prestigious brands in the Middle East, becoming a leading actor in the region’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors. Indeed, today it is the biggest retail operator in the Gulf area. You might say we are ambassadors for French luxury in the Gulf!


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