Message from the Chairwoman

Message from the Chairwoman

We should always remember that there is only one unique Europe. It has the best economy and education. It can take pride in keeping the peace for two generations and counting. It has built an attractive higher and professional education system that makes us the envy of the world.

Joining the FEDE project means first, and above all, taking part in this successful, confident and united Europe.

It means taking part resolutely and with enthusiasm in the fantastic development of the international common education area, which enjoys an exponential growth thanks to cooperation and exchanges.

It means being proud to say education brings ideals. The ideals of democratic resistance to unilateral obscurantism, and of universal values that protect human rights, including the right to education.

Joining the FEDE network means imagining a new approach for our younger generations, who are alarmed by the geopolitical turmoils of this century and at the same time full of confidence in their own capacities, that we ought to help strengthen and develop.

Joining FEDE is a vote of confidence in the Europe of innovation and imagination that European citizens have been calling for. This Europe which is proud of its youth, trusts its companies as generators of wealth, and which focuses on future opportunities rather than looking back.

In a century punctuated by doubts and hesitations, strengthening long-term networks is essential to stability. The FEDE is the main European network of higher education and professional schools, bringing together thousands of young people with innovative ideas and progressive approaches. The FEDE is a tremendous alumni network. By joining the FEDE, you provide your students with access to this vast network that will help them to find a job, achieve their goals, and ultimately build a united world.

Joining the FEDE means helping to develop this blossoming Europe of tomorrow, that is being built today. Joining the FEDE means being part of the opposition to inward-looking attitudes. Finally, joining the FEDE means helping people understand that the creation of wealth is the destiny of man.

Claude Vivier Le got – The FEDE Chairwoman and Chairwoman of the Education & Culture Committee of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe