European Master’s Degree

European Master's Degree

Level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework

A professional programme pursued after the Bachelor’s Degree (or another diploma leading to 180ECTS credits) to:

– Develop solid analytical and cognitive capacities

– Adopt a strategic approach at the heart of the business networks

– Manage a team, project or structure

– Gain substancial expertise in order to build a unique competitive edge

120 ECTS for the programme – Total ECTS after completing the programme: 300 

20 European Master's Degrees in 9 areas of Excellence

Business Management and Strategy                         
Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry   
Course delivered exclusively by EFV Management

Tourism Management and Strategies
Hospitality Management
Course delivered exclusively by l’Ecole Hôtelière de Casablanca (EHC)

Communication: Advertising Strategies and Digital Communication Speciality

Civil Engineering Projects Engineering and Administration
Course delivered exclusively by ITECH BTP
Engineering Sciences
Course delivered exclusively by ENSIT

International Private Banking
Financial Management and Strategies

Human Resources Management
Luxembourgian Human Resources Management
Course delivered exclusively by HR Academy

Environmental and Energy Management
Sustainable Operations Management
QSE Sustainable Development
Course delivered exclusively by MIAGE

Information Technology
Video Games and Serious Games
Course delivered exclusively by LUDUS ACADEMIE

Cultural Industry Manager
Heritage and Art Market Manager
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Management: Fashion Industry
Course delivered by MODE ESTAH
Luxury industries manager