FEDE Actions

The FEDE, which is a non-profit association, an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) and a supranational institute endowed with participatory status with the Council of Europe, bears an ambitious project that positions Education at the heart of the development of our societies.

The FEDE and its member schools advocate for the transcendent bond between citizenship, democracy and openness to others, and are pursuing a dynamic European project of peace, tolerance and progress.

Working in conjunction with its member schools, its partners, economic stakeholders and European institutions, the FEDE, through the various actions that you will discover on this page, aims to:

– Offer its expertise and skills to serve a progress-based model for the younger generations on a global scale;
– Work in conjunction with European institutions and stakeholders to ensure respect and enforcement of its founding values: excellence in Education, openness to others and to the world, European citizenship, democracy, respect for human rights and human dignity (the right to education for all, women’s rights, minority rights, etc.);
– Defend, transmit and support the vision and initiatives of its member schools before international stakeholders.