European Master’s in IT Project Management

Filière d'éxcellence : IT - Digital Tools - Technology

  • Technical Project Manager
  • Technical Applications Manager
  • Applications Manager
  • Contractor Project Manager
  • Project Leader
  • Team Leader
  • IT Client Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Application Specialist
  • ERP Project Manager
  • Design a solution tailored to the needs of the client
  • Lead an IT project and head a team
  • Deliver a product to a client and provide follow-up maintenance
  • Conduct technological intelligence
  • Launch and maintain multi-protocol IT equipment, install, use, deinstall and update specialised software
  • Programme using a specific language
  • Understand the functioning of hardware and software and ensure it is effectively maintained and upgraded and that the settings are appropriate
  • Independently manage and ensure the security of a server
  1. Networks, Systems and Security
  2. Developing Applications and Databases
  3. The IT Environment and Project Implementation