Mastère européen

European Master’s in Logistics

Educational level: MASTERE EUROPEEN
Areas of excellence: Logistique - Transport - Qualité

Changes in the logistics sector have occurred for three main reasons: the emergence of new information and communications technologies, the streamlining of costs and increased outsourcing of production.

Today’s companies require experts with a strong understanding of global logistics who are capable of managing financial and information flows. The European Master’s in Logistics also provides management skills enabling students to collaborate with various supply chain actors.

During the programme students are given the opportunity to analyse the business environment and make recommendations — an exercise that will initiate them to the job market and allow them to apply the skills learnt over the course of their studies.

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Depot or Platform Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Logistics Consultant
  • Production Manager
  • Buyer and Supplier
  • Transport Manager
  • Analyse, organise and optimise flows
  • Pilot key global logistics chain processes
  • Optimise the management of partner networks
  • Implement a tactical and strategic planning system
  • Measure the impact of logistics actions on financial performance
  • Can use project and change management strategies
  1. General Business Culture
  2. General and Human Resources Management;
  3. Business Environment and Logictis Strategy