The FEDE in Shanghai!

Olivier Perotto, Director of Marketing and Communications of the FEDE, is currently in Shanghai (China) to participate in the launch of the DCM (Doctorate in Cultural Management) offered by CPMC, a member institution of the FEDE, before an audience made up of Chinese companies and stakeholders operating in the cultural sector.

Developed and offered by the FEDE, this doctoral program of excellence enables Chinese professionals, managers and students to benefit from the expertise of the FEDE and to conduct academic and professional research in the sectors of art, culture and heritage.

During the ceremony, Olivier Perotto highlighted the close links that the FEDE wishes to establish with Chinese higher education stakeholders in order to facilitate mobility, to share a model of progress for Education and to exemplify a project that is firmly rooted in global awareness.

Discover the keynote speech delivered by Olivier Perotto, Director of Marketing and Communications of the FEDE:

Dear Chinese Friends,

It’s for me a huge pleasure to be here with you in Shanghai to launch the DCM programme (Doctorate in Cultural Management) in partnership with CPMC, an institution approved by the FEDE.

I would like to thank Mr. Wang, Director of CPMC, and all the teams involved in this project in order to facilitate cooperation between China and Europe and between CPMC and the FEDE in particular.

As you know, the FEDE is the largest network dedicated to Education in Europe. Our institution federates more than 500 schools worldwide, is present in 35 countries on 4 continents and counts more than 180,000 graduates. A renowned institution in Europe, the FEDE enjoys participatory status with the Council of Europe and offers its expertise on Education in order to create a unified model of European higher education.

The project of the FEDE is based on 3 main values that are shared by all of our member schools across the world:
– Excellence in Education
– Innovation
– Quality

Starting today, the DCM programme will be a joint programme between CPMC and the FEDE. It allows doctoral students to benefit from the best international standards in Education, from the best international teachers and researchers and from the best international experts on cultural and art policies.

With this programme, you’ll have the opportunity to manage teams, strategies and businesses in the fields of art, culture and heritage. You’ll work with the best art galleries, operas, theatres or cultural exhibitions in China, France and more globally everywhere in the world.

In conclusion, choosing the DCM programme is choosing a way of Excellence to become an international expert on culture, art and heritage management.

Long live the DCM programme, long live the cooperation between China and Europe, and I’m looking forward to meeting the first doctoral students who will benefit from this programme both in Europe and in China!

Thank you very much for your attention.


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