Thierry Andrieu: the professionel training guru of the Sup de Co La Rochelle Group

The Sup de Co La Rochelle Group is a major player in continuing education, offering tailor-made training programmes. We speak to Thierry Andrieu, the Group’s programme manager.

What have been the milestones in your career?

I have more than twenty years’ experience in the banking and insurance sector. This gave me the opportunity to work in a range of professions within commerce (both wholesale and retail markets). As branch head I also managed teams of people.

What exactly do you do within the Sup de Co la Rochelle Group?

As Director of Continuing Education I play a dual role: offering professionals the opportunity to evolve and ensuring that the professions we train for are perfectly aligned with the needs of businesses.

What are the special features of the training courses you offer?

Our programmes are flexible and can be tailor-made to meet the needs of each learner. You might say we are a ‘haute couture’ rather than a ‘high street’ educational provider.

Tell us about your relationship with the FEDE.

We used to offer FEDE diplomas but don’t currently. However, who knows? I’d say we are paying close attention to the evolution of the FEDE.


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