Tribute to Professor Ardelean

The FEDE wishes to pay tribute to Professor Ardelean, Vice-President of the FEDE, who passed away in Arad, Romania, on 26 December.

A pioneer in the field of education, a man of vision and of profound humanity, over a period of more than fifteen years Professor Ardelean was frequently elected a member of the FEDE’s Executive Council and played a leading role in promoting our Federation internationally.

A biologist by training, Professor Ardelean founded the ‘Vasile Goldiş’ Western University of Arad (UVVG) in 1990. He was rector of the UVVG for more than twenty years, developing programmes in medicine, pharmacy, sciences and management. Nowadays the UVVG has six faculties and proposes a large range of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes taught in French, English and Romanian.  Several thousand students are enrolled annually.

The international reach of this prestigious Romanian university – the result of the numerous long-term partnerships it has established – and its commitment to European values, as evidenced by its adoption of the FEDE’s European Culture and Citizenship module, stand witness to Professor Ardelean’s humanist convictions.

A former senator, Professor Ardelean chaired the Romanian National Committee for Education for ten years and was renowned for his commitment to strengthening the role of schools in Romania.

Professor Ardelean will live on in our memories as a man of character; a man of kind smiles and warm handshakes who placed great importance on education and human happiness.

Last year the FEDE named Professor Ardelean an honorary FEDE member in recognition of his services to education.

The thoughts of everyone at the FEDE – members and staff alike – go to Professor Ardelean’s family. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt admiration for a truly inspiring man.


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