Daniel Peyron, former Director of Sup de Co La Rochelle, has returned to the FEDE as a member of the Panel of Experts. He is now Director of the HECI Business School network – a group of schools and universities aiming to train modern, versatile managers for the Moroccan and African markets.

What did you study and what have been the highlights of your career?

I graduated from ESC Bordeaux and began my career in industry – first at Schlumberger, then as Management Auditor for the L’Oréal Group. In 1976 I helped found INSEEC Bordeaux, which I headed until 1989, whilst also teaching management auditing at the University of Bordeaux 1.

In 1990 I founded and became the director of Acadis – an elite secondary school based on a new concept of ‘active and open teaching’. The focus was on self-realisation through a broad range of academic and experimental activities and personal development work.

Has the period from the nineties onwards been equally busy?

It certainly has! In 1996 I founded a consulting firm dedicated teaching material design and educational development. From 1998-2001 I also directed the ESC Saint-Etienne Group. From 2001-2017 I managed the Sup de Co La Rochelle Group, for which I developed a range of programmes – in particular, I founded the La Rochelle Business School of Tourism.

I currently head the HECI Business School, where my intention is to invest in training and human resources development in Morocco and Africa and build an elite network of institutions focusing on management science and on business creation and development. Our goal: to train managers with an international mindset who are capable of adapting to new digital technology and to commercial and managerial developments.


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