Cyberneticist and psychologist Stéphane Solotareff has had an unusual career path. A graduate of the French engineering school CentraleSupélec (1977), he went on to obtain a PhD in theoretical physics (1979) following publication of his report to the French Academy of Sciences. He is also a graduate of the Institut de Haute Finance, where he wrote his dissertation on economic systems (1990). In 1994 he qualified as dielian (based on the theories of Paul Diel) therapist.

In 2007 Professor Solotareff created a socio-cognitive method for analyzing company personnel – a method that he went on to apply in major companies such as ITW, IBM, Legrand and others. His systemic approach to psychology has enabled him to work on a range of HR topics. He now works exclusively on the psychology of motivation – an approach devised by Paul Diel in 1946.

Visiting professor in Morocco and Russia, Stéphane Solotareff is head of the Department of Psychology of the University of Oujda. He is also founder of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Psychologie de la Motivation (EHEPM), Paris – a FEDE-network member – and its Russian sister institution, the Academy of Humanities, Samara, where he teaches as part of a team of philosophers, psychiatrists and psychologists. Fluent in French, English and Russian, Professor Solotareff supervises PhD students in psychology at the Universities of Samara and Orenburg in Russia and at the University of Oujda in Morocco.

Author of four books on the psychology of motivation, Stéphane Solotareff has formulated a new approach to the psychology of motivation by means of a mathematical formulation of the ‘laws’ of the inner wrold theorised by Paul Diel. Thanks to Solotareff’s approach, psychology can now be considered a fundamental science.

Stéphane Solotareff regularly takes part at international conferences on psychiatry and psychology.


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