World NGO Day

On 27 February the FEDE attended the World NGO Day debate organised by the Conference of INGOs. The debate was entitled ‘Why do we need NGOs? (I)NGO contribution to the work and to the mandate of the Council of Europe’.

In today’s Europe, democratic principles are being increasingly challenged. The debate of 27 February was an opportunity for civil society representatives, diplomats, students and Council of Europe staff to reaffirm the central role of NGOs in defending human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

In close contact with citizens, NGOs work hard to find fresh solutions to contemporary challenges linked to education and culture, migration, the respect of fundamental rights, climate change and many others.

The FEDE is proud to belong to the Council of Europe’s Conference of INGOs, whose Education and Culture Committee it chairs. Along with its fellow Conference participants, the FEDE is involved in an ongoing debate on how to strengthen the role of civil society within both the Council of Europe and its Member States.

On 22 March 2019 the FEDE will be taking part at the Warsaw Conference organised by the Conference of INGOs to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the Council of Europe.


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