Cathy Leblanc: musicologist-philosopher, musician and author at the FEDE

Cathy Leblanc has a PhD and post-doctoral degree in philosophy. In addition to teaching at Lille-3 University, she is also a musician. A proud new addition to the FEDE’s Academic Council!

Can you tell us more about your studies?

I have a DEUG, a bachelor’s, a master’s and a DEA in English (Lille-3 University, 2001). I also have a bachelor’s and master’s in philosophy (Lille-3 University, 1997). I obtained my thesis (2007) and post-doctoral degree in philosophy (2009) at the Institut Catholique, Paris.

What have been the highlights of your career?

I have been teaching British civilisation at Lille-3 University since 1998. I initially worked with musicology students (I taught in English on Shakespeare and music), then economics and management students (globalisation) and history students (civilisation: invasions, the British constitution, the Elizabethan period, the Victorian period, the contemporary period and Great Britain’s international relations).

Since 2008 I have held the title of professor at the Faculty of Theology of the Université Catholique de Lille, where I am a teacher and researcher.

I am also a member of the Heidegger Circle in the USA.

What is the subject of your research?

I have several! At the Université Catholique de Lille I’ve created an international interdisciplinary centre on barbarism and dehumanisation. I’ve also put together a course on human rights that is offered to all our students.

In terms of publications, I’m currently editing a unique series on the experience of deportees: L’Existence à l’épreuve (Le Geai Bleu Editions). Two of my books have already been released as part of the series – Le pardon à l’épreuve de la déportation (2015) and Le corps à l’épreuve de la déportation (2016).

Quite a hectic schedule! Do you have any time left for hobbies?

I’m a certified flutist and pianist and I’m passionate about musicology. I have a special interest in the work of Marie Jaëll, a French pianist and composer.


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