Rector of the Vasile Goldiş University (UVVG) in Arad, Romania, Coralia Cotoraci is a medical professional and renowned teacher. She has just joined the FEDE’s Academic Council.

In addition to a PhD (thesis title ‘Morphological and Evolving Clinical Aspects of Myelodysplastic Syndromes’), Coralia Cotoraci also has a master’s in psychology and psychotherapy. Well known in the medical sector in Romania, she specialises in internal medicine (haematology) and teaches haematology, bioethics and medical ethics at the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dental surgery of the University of Arad.

A participant in numerous international research projects, Coralia Cotoraci has completed her professional profile with experience in team and general management. She currently heads the haematology department of the Arad Regional Emergency Hospital, where she manages a large team of medical and administrative staff.


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