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Within the nine areas of excellence, the FEDE offers 90 diplomas from the Foundation Degree to the European Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, requiring two to five years of higher education to complete.

These career-based diplomas, combining theory and practice, are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and comply with the standards of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

All FEDE schools thus offer a common pedagogical approach designed by a team of teaching professionals and researchers that guarantee:

–  Academic excellence in training programmes
–  High quality and innovative teaching methods
–  Exchange programmes between partner schools (semester abroad, mobility)
– A professional immersion to develop theoretical knowledge and apply acquired competencies. Pedagogical exercises, such as tutored projects, dissertations, internships, work-linked training contracts and simulations, are all designed to connect the student with the realities of the working world.

All FEDE diplomas are structured following the same pedagogical approach:

– A common teaching module: European culture and citizenship,
– The knowledge of at least one European language in addition to the mother tongue,
– Specific teaching modules to develop solid professional skills.

ECTS is the only crediting system that has been successfully tested and used across Europe. The system makes study programmes more transparent and facilitates academic recognition, thereby increasing the opportunity for students to transfer to different higher education institutions within Europe.

The European Higher Education Area is an intergovernmental initiative launched along with the Bologna system in 1999. EHEA is meant to ensure more comparable, compatible and coherent systems in order to facilitate the transfer of students and teachers to European higher education institutions within a « border-free » area, but also enhance the attractiveness of higher education in Europe…

Level V of the European Certification Framework

This two-year training course provides students with extensive operational expertise and  fundamental knowledge of operational project management.
These two years present a great opportunity for building a network through professional immersion and for learning the conventions of the business environment. At the end of the training, students obtain a Foundation Degree/ DECP and can successfully continue their education for a third year of higher studies by choosing the FEDE’s European Bachelor’s Degree / DEES.

60 ECTS/year – Total of ECTS at the end of the course: 120

Level VI of the European Certification Framework
The European Bachelor’s Degree / DEES, which corresponds to a third year of higher studies, is available for students with a Foundation Degree / DECP or other two-year higher education qualification.
This training course provides the students with solid operational skills, allowing them to coordinate and manage their own projects independently.Valued by recruiters, this diploma also provides students with a field of expertise and a broad professional network.The European Bachelor’s Degree / DEES is a stepping-stone to employment or to further studies, such as the FEDE European Master’s Degree.

60 ECTS – Total of ECTS at the end of the course: 180

Level VII of the European Certification Framework

The European Master’s Degree, which corresponds to five years of higher education, allows students to develop solid reasoning and analytical abilities. It also includes the opportunity to learn how to apply a strategical approach to team management, a project or an organisation.
By offering a career-based course at the heart of the business network, the European Master’s Degree provides students with the knowledge necessary to make them experts and also gives them the opportunity to develop an ambitious professional project with a strong international focus.
A key pathway for a successful access into the labour market.

60 ECTS/year – Total of ECTS at the end of the course: 300