Man and the World


Seven authors, six chapters and ten articles; that is the content of this study. Within it, Jean-Louis Bischoff, Alain Tobelem, Denis Aubin, Noël Imbert-Bouchard, Alexandre and Jean-Noël Vallée, and lastly Antoine Béon (seven authors) discuss spirituality, work, environment, science, communication, publishing and pop culture.

Aspiring to be clear, profound and specific, these reviews aim to offer discernment tools for people (students or otherwise) who are keen on meticulously and efficiently reflecting on contemporary global issues.

Circulating with more ease in what is called globalisation is the ultimate task that the FEDE and its associates have assigned to themselves in this book.

This book aims to provide insights into the economic and social evolution of Man in a globalised world. It is a combination of economic, sociological, historical, political, legal and communication skills. It offers tools for understanding  the globalised world and Man’s place in its organisation.


1. Man and the Spiritual
Religions in the world
Jean Louis Bischoff

2. Man and Labour
The impact of the process of globalization on the workforce.
Alain Tobelem
What retirement? What future?
Denis Aubin

3. Man, Migrations, and the environment
Migration dynamics
Jean-Louis Bischoff

4. Man and Science
Transhumanism in questions
Noël Imber Bouchard
The specificities of contemporary science
Alexandre Vallée, Jean Nöel Vallée

5. Man, Communication, and Publishing
focus on the giants of the japanese print media
Jean Louis Bischoff
A brief state of play Self publishing in the United States
Antoine Béon

6. Man and Hobbies
Sporting goods consumption trends
Zoom on pop culture
Jean-Louis Bischoff

The co-authors:

PhD in Philosophy (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Études) and empowered and authorised to conduct and oversee research, he is the author of ten works. Producer and creator of musical and cinematographic shows. Jean-Louis Bischoff is the Director of the Research Institute of the Federation for Education in Europe (FEDE) and an associate researcher at the University of Artois.

Doctor in Development Economics (University of Sorbonne-Paris) with the ability to lead management research (University of Nice). Alain Tobelem is also a graduate of Sciences Po, of the Institute of Higher Studies for Latin America, CELSA, and the Sorbonne – Paris (languages and civilizations Hispanic and Lusitanian). As an international speaker, he currently a doctoral research program at the school Ceram Sophia Antipolis. Within The research institute of FEDE, he is director of the governance division.

An associate professor of economics and accounting, he teaches in the preparatory class. Within the FEDE, he designs and implements for many years, educational collections.

Noël Imber-Bouchard is a graduate of the Institute of Political Studies in Strasbourg. He was a technical adviser to the Ministry of Tourism, co-founder and manager of ABCD and Carbure Communication (cultural and tourism engineering agency), Secretary General of the School Mines de Paris and Tourism Director.

Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Public Health and the Economics of health, holds a master’s degree in ethics Biomedical, Alexandre Vallée, is currently a PhD student in Applied mathematics (CNRS Poitiers). He has taught and worked in hospitals.

Jean-Noël Vallée is a Doctor of Medicine (Necker University – Paris V), a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and is a researcher in Neurosciences.
He is also a Ph.D. in Physical Sciences (Paris 13), a graduate (3rd cycle) from the Faculty of Letters (Lyon 3), a graduate (2nd cycle) from the Institute of Business Administration of a Grande Ecole d’ingénieur (INSA Lyon).
He is a former intern and former assistant head of the Clinique des Hopitaux de Paris.
Jean-Noël Vallée is director of the Innovation division of the FEDE doctoral school.

Holder of a master’s degree in product design and a master’s degree in science of education, Antoine Béon taught at Créapole-ESDI. It is Currently collection director (Col Heroes) and director artistic group within the Hachette group.

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